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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Would you like to try a new sport model?

1. Would you like to try a new sport model?

In a new segment, you have to shape it differently from the style you are used to. If you don't want to look too masculine, if you want to be sexy, remove your eyes and lips more. Also, remarkable earrings always create a feminine air.

 Softly draped tufts for all face types

2. Hair, length and dimensions.

They must be proportionate to each other. For example, long hair does not suit women under 1.60m tall. In tall coarse women, short hair makes the head look small and the body looks big.

3. Thin Lightweight Fringe.

Especially ideal for thin hair. Thin forelock up to the jaw-level and used with the bangs. More bulky rinses. Skillful hairdressers place a few short curls in between, allowing the hair to support underneath and rise.

4. Shorten or extend?

Those who cannot make a definite decision need a model that will not deform even when their hair grows over time. Ideally, it is a model which is longer and shorter on the neck with thin fringes. This model is also nice in the jawline. Short cuts are ideal for fine hair.

5. Dresses and blouses should match your hair.

For hair up to the chin, round and not very clear recollections are ideal. You can make curly hair more feminine with V-shaped low-cut or thin straps. You can wear almost anything with short hair.

Whether it's a deep-cut or a turtleneck sweater ...   

6. Bangs and forehead.

Balances long face. Blunt cuts at jaw level also provide extra stability to the jaw.
 Curly hair is now very fashionable

7. Avoid heat.

Tongs and blow dryers can damage the hair when used frequently. The thermoforming products are heat resistant and do not leave any residue on the tools.

8. Women with Straight Hair.

Straight-haired women like lying or having a real perm. However, it should be taken into account that it takes longer to shape the artificial curls. If you want your curls to look perfect, it's not a good idea to let them dry outdoors. Instead, style your hair using your fingers with a style that fits your hair.

9. The specific solution to the periodic problem.

Natural curly hair straightens a few days before menstruation. The reason is probably hormones. But thanks to special sprays for curly hair, you can restore the old air to your hair.

You can give air to fluffy hair by cutting it in layers.

10. To revitalize curly hair with flattened bottoms.

Take thin curls, wrap them inward, leaving five fingers away from the base (leave the tips out). Hold it for a short time, carefully remove the tongs and allow to cool. Finally, scan.

11. Do you want more voluminous hair?

Then wrap your hair in the opposite direction to normal growth. You get more firm curls. They fall more fluffy and beautiful. And they don't flatten so quickly.

12. If you cannot dominate your natural curls.

Start the domestication process immediately after washing. Make a tight tail, moisten your hair, spray and let dry. Then comb with a split tooth comb and apply rinse aid if desired.

13. Having wavy hair of the 20s.

first, wet your hair with a little spray and attach a long clip to your forehead. Clasp the hair under the clip. After blowing the parts, remove the clips and comb gently.

14. Blonde hair needs a shine.

Because perm can make blonde hair colorless and pale. Do not use cold ash color paints to refresh the color, they will show your curls unhealthy and dull. The most ideal is bright warm colors such as gold or copper.

15. Haircuts are Everything.

In strong natural waves, very short and blunt cuttings are not correct. Moreover, the hair should be given non-specific layers. So that the hair is thinning down, but it appears to be optically equal in length.

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