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Friday, June 7, 2019

Tips for beautiful hairs

Tips for beautiful hairs.

1. Yellow, crimson or coffee

You can extend the life of the paint with special care products. The color pigments in the hair are refreshed during washing, thanks to the substances found in the care cures or styling products.

2. For quick curing.

If your hair is long and cures take a lot of time, no more worry! You don't need to wash your hair when you apply quick cures containing pearl protein. It makes your hair shiny as silk.

3. Naturally strong, thick hair.

This type of hair is like a dream when they take shape. But they do not want to take shape and are rebellious. With the right strategy, you can put them under control: a) Do not wash every day, it is enough to wash 1-2 times in error. B) After each wash, apply the conditioner and apply a mask every four items of washing.
Those who know the right methods don't have a bad hair day

4. How to use wax?

The folded section, which is usually shaped by a blow dryer, starts to sag again due to the wax applied. There is a method against this oil crisis: First spray your hair, let it dry a little, then wax the tips. It'il be perfect.

5. If you have missed too much jelly.

If you have gelled and combed your hair too much, your hair may look oily. To prevent this, briefly, heat the product in its container (or tube) with a blow dryer first. As the product will be distributed better, you will automatically avoid overdosing.

6. Hair spray and brightener.

Do not spray the spray from top to bottom to create a ventilating effect. Otherwise, the weight will build up on your hair and your hair will be straightened. Instead, lift the hair up slightly with your frizzy hand and spray the spray from the bottom up. For long hair: Throw the head back and shake your hair gently as the spray cloud falls down.

Ideal auxiliaries for volume are blow dryer, brush, and foam.

7. If you have a scheduling problem:

For example, if your plane leaves at 06:30 in the morning, you can save time with the right styling to apply to your hair in the evening. Wash your hair and blow-dry with a round brush. Squeeze some hairspray. Wait half an hour before going to bed. Next morning gently scan.

8. You went to bed without washing your hair.

If you do not have time to wash your hair in the morning and your hair needs to be washed, apply a transparent powder to the bottom of your hair and brush thoroughly. And if you revive your curls with a moisturizing spray or foam, your hair will look clean.

9. Weakened dry hair.

You give up products such as jelly foam, which contain alcohol and therefore dry the hair thoroughly; if you use soft products instead, your hair will quickly be restored.

10. If you have no time in the morning.

You can reactivate the hair gel you have applied the day before with your wet hands. But contrary to the direction of hair growth, you should comb with your fingers.

11. Do not apply foam to long hair with your hands.

If you apply foam to your hair with your hands, there may not be even distribution. Instead, instead of squeezing the hair foam on a wide comb and comb your hair from the bottom to the middle. So you distribute the foam evenly over your hair.

12. want your hair bottoms to be steeper.

In the upper parts of your long hair, you can squeeze and spray with a fortune crap. Thus, your hair is raised. Separate the short hair from the top with a few curls, fasten it with side clip clasps, apply a soft styling and blow-dry. Finally, spray your hair and shape it with your fingers

Which of the long, shoulder or short models would suit me?

13. The model you dream of.

When you go to the hairdresser, cut your dream hairstyle from a magazine and take it with you. The expert who looks at the picture will understand better what you want. But remember: Not everyone has the same hair type. Moreover, before those photos were taken, the hair went through quite a few hairdressers. Be open to new alternatives. Hair experts know what is possible and what is not.

14: Round face.

People with round faces should stay away from raised hair at the level of the chin or ear. Instead, the card-folded models, which swell over the upper parts of the head and pour out with thin rivets downward, are more appropriate. The length of the hair can be up to the shoulders.

15. If you have frequent and strong hair.

You can dare many people. Regardless of the color of your hair, it is very suitable for straight short hair with medium length cornered blunt models. But you have to straighten this sharp-edged hair to the hairdresser often, and you need to care every day to maintain their shine.

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