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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Health tips for all (Part 2)

Health tips for all (Part 2)


  •  Many patients say that their blood sugar has decreased very little, so the doctor has told them to eat a lot of sugar so that they do not get their sugar down. This is a big misunderstanding. The truth is that even if a person does not eat sugar throughout his life, his sugar will not be down. No animal other than humans does not eat sugar but their sugar is not down. Blood sugar only goes down when you have consumed diabetes or have insulin injections and have not eaten accordingly. The patient of diabetes is prone to smoke down even after diarrhea or vomiting.


  • Do not fall into the dizziness of jaundice, nor eat any indigenous medicine. Dancers make fooling the superstitious people just by cleaning the hands. In most patients, jaundice itself is cured, whose credentials are taken by the thugs.


  • Do not use Dettol, Saivolon, Nico and Neem soap in skin diseases. These can damage the skin. Do not use Dettol for cleansing and bathing.
  • Many people make a Vidal test to diagnose typhoid fever. Once typhoid, this test can come very positively for a very long time, so it is not reliable. Doctors or patients who do not have this information, keep doing this test repeatedly and have unnecessary antibiotics accounts.


  • Many patients feel that they have a fever for a long time. They do not have a fever, they do not even see the fever, and do Vidal tests. When the Vidal test comes in a slight positive, they keep extraordinary antibiotics accounts in typhoid deception.


  • Never eat indigenous poultry in the treatment of asthma and arthritis. Smugglers who sell this type of pudding, add steroid medicines such as butanol, which find immediate relief in arthritic pain or breath, but then the patient gets addicted to it and it causes a lot of harm.


  • Due to advertisements in newspapers, the only treatment for epilepsy is the only thugs. Epsilon is the cheapest and most stringent medicine of epilepsy in their pockets, which is very addictive, so doctors do not usually use it. Apart from this, all other things are only stunts in the name of sacred Ayurvedic medicine.


  •  It is only the illusion of the mind to be able to slip and slit it off. Similarly, there is no disease of cow urine.
  • Blossoming and exorcism only deceive the naïve spears and superstitious people by just making things and by cleaning the hands. Some mental patients hear types of sounds or people appear due to brain sickness. These people tell ghost ghosts to him. Some people even pretend to be a ghost or goddess for themselves.


  •  Seeing the Sense, the doctors telling the disease are only thugs. Seeing only the patient's gestures and movements, they tell some common things in style, which fits most people. The superstitious people understand that their merge has been captured.


  •  Many people have this hypothesis that allopathic medicines heat them and react. Most of these people get stomach inflammation due to acid, in which the drug is uncomfortable. Some people may also be allergic to some particular medicine. If there is a problem with a particular drug then other medicines can be given instead. Such people should take care of their prescription and make a list of incoming and unforeseen medicines.


  •  Hepatitis B is a very dangerous disease similar to AIDS which is spread through infected blood. It is necessary to have a complete check before bleeding. This disease is often found in people who sell blood.
  • Hepatitis B and AIDS can also spread from infected needles. Whenever there is an injection, apply it to a disposable syringe. These injections can also spread from the tattoo in the skin. Those who travel in the streets should not tear their nose ears. Acupuncture needles can also have these infections.


  •  This infection can also be caused by a slight cut in the skins from the hairstyle, so if the show should be made from the barber then it should be made from the new blade itself. After the haircut, the hair of the neck should be cleaned by machine rather than the rug.


  •  Many obese people eat honey lemon in the morning to lose weight. The truth is that there is a lot of calories in the honey, which can increase the weight.


  •  Medicines sold in millions of crores of rupees in newspapers and TVs, medicines to increase, medicines for reducing medicines, memory-enhancing medicines, joint pain oils, hemorrhoids, baldness, masculine medicines, etc. are only fraud... They have no scientific basis.


  •  Many people have a slightly increased uric acid but they do not have gout. Doctors who are not aware of this, they start giving unnecessary medicines to reduce uric acid. The big disadvantage is that they speak of closing all the protein foods. The truth is that uric acid does not grow with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs.


  • Many doctors make PPD tests to diagnose TB. Test positive people start treatment for TB. The truth is that the PPD test only indicates that since childhood, the person has ever been infected with TB germs and there are antibodies against TB.

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