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Friday, June 7, 2019

Hair tips from Magazine with you.

Magazine with you.

Washing and drying without attrition.

1. Very dry hair.

Only distribute the shampoo on the bottom of the wet hair with your hands and gently feed. Shampoo, which will flow through the hair by thinning while rinsing, is sufficient to clean the hair. So you can prevent your hair from drying out a little more.

2. Normal hair.

Shampoo the hair in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. If shampoo remains on your head, your hair will become dull and dry. The rule is: use three times the amount of time you spend shampooing to rinse. After rinsing your hair to be like squeaks.

3. Two in one.

These products both wash and care. They are practical but not suitable for everyday use. Because most of those products contain silicon oil. First, they make the hair soft. But in the long run, they can make the hair heavier by accumulating on the surface of the strands. Use only 1 time per week.

4. Rinse with warm water.

You cannot block your cashmere sweater with hot water. Our hair is equally sensitive, so they don't like hot water. Warm water is ideal for avoiding damage to the hair. Even those who can manage to wash their hair with cold water. Cold water gives the hair a perfect shine.

5. Best blow dryer strategy.

Carefully separate the hair after washing. Dry it from the front using a hot towel. Bring the blow dryer to the lowest setting and blow the hair dry until it is completely dry without mixing too much: then turn the blow dryer to a higher temperature and start styling with a round brush. Keep the hair dryer at least 15 centimeters from your hair.

6. Be polite.

Wet hair is slightly swollen. So they can break quickly. Use a handmade comb with split teeth, if possible rubber or wood, to scan (type on it.) Do not prefer cheap plastic combs.

7. Are you very stressed?

If you massage your head while washing your hair, you will activate your happiness hormones. Make circles with your fingertips, massage from the temples to the bottom of the hair. From there, go down to the ears again. Then proceed to your neck. Take deep breaths while you're doing these.

8. Forget prejudices.

Forget about fairy tales that greasy hair gets greasy faster when washed every day. If you feel more well-groomed, you can take a shower every day. The important thing is to use a mild shampoo. Do not leave the shampoo in your hair and wash immediately.

Fine or rebellious? How will you use the cures most effectively?

9. Hair conditioner.

Apply the conditioner especially to the downward hanging parts and ends of the hair. Make sure to avoid the top 3 inches of the scalp. The new hair on the bottom does not need any additional care.

10. Very fine hair.

Fine hair cannot remove oily products. It is best to spray moisturizing (or dry) hair with moisturizing spray. The spray prevents the formation of static electricity and the hairs from 'flying'.

11. Holiday care.

If your hair does not get into shape while on holiday, this may be due to the mineral content of the water in your area. After washing your hair for the solution, rinse with drinking water.

12. Protection and repair.

Lipid and ceramide containing products such as omega-6 fatty acids prevent hair breakage. Because these substances fill the cracks in the hair fibers and protect against heat from the blow dryer.
 Makes hair cures soft. But which one to use?

13. Curing fine hair.

Intensive curing can cause excessive fatigue of fine hair. But you can still occasionally perform such extra care. Solution: Cure the hair before washing and let it stand for 10 minutes, then shampoo your hair as you know.

14. Hair Masks.

Masks penetrate hair better, especially in hot environments. Ideally, the curing mask, towel on the hair you have dehumidified, by feeding in thin bundles. Then heat your hair with a hot blow dryer and wrap your head in an aluminum foil, wrap a heated towel over it. Wait for at least half an hour to take effect. Another very effective method is to apply a hair mask in a steamy environment (also under a towel).

15. Yellow, crimson or coffee.

You can extend the life of the paint with special care products. The color pigments in the hair are refreshed during washing, thanks to the substances found in the care cures or styling products.

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