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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Why does our skin need water?

Why does our skin need water?


Yes, as everyone knows, moisture is not important for skin beauty? But what is the effect of moisture on the skin? You can think of moisture as a thin transparent layer that protects the skin. If you do not have this layer of your skin wind, sun, heat, cold weather, sensitive to factors such as, will crack and as a result of your skin sensitivity and fine lines will begin. Moisture, every skin type and important for all ages, and the sooner you start against protecting the skin's moisture, the sooner your skin goes into defense against signs of aging.

The Effect of Calcium.

Réotier supply.


  • When your skin suffers from dehydration - that is, when there is not enough water in your skin - your skin starts to feel uncomfortable de The skin becomes sensitive bulunSometimes there are flakes and loses its glow. One of the ways to remove these skin disorders is to ensure that the skin has healthy mineral content. Your skin cannot produce these minerals on its own, so you need mineral support from outside.

The importance of calcium.

Réoti is.


  • Calcium has an important role in the structure of the skin - it helps to prevent the skin from losing moisture in the top layer. It also smooths your skin and also strengthens it against external factors. We created the Aqua Réotier series to benefit from this important mineral. This series contains the rich mineral water from the Réotier source in Provence to meet your calcium needs.
  • The 3-in-1 moisture system in this series holds the content of hyaluronic acid and moisture together, increases the humidity with moisture-giving agents and traps calcium and moisture into the skin.

Suggestions for the Nervous Skin - 1.

Réoti is.


  • You should start with a clean skin for good moisturizing. Skin, dirt, oil, makeup to get rid of the remnants, your skin is the first basic step to get the moisture needed.
  • With Aqua Réotier Water Gel Cleanser Face Cleanser, you will start your first step with freshness explosion.
  •  Tonic will create a full and fresh feeling on your skin.

Recommendations for Humid Dehydration - 2.

Réoti is.


  • Each skin needs moisture. A general misconception is that the oily / combination skins do not need moisture because they produce natural oil. however, the oil differs in moisture, and a light moisturizer that does not contain oil, makes your oily skin produce less sebum !! Try our refreshing Ultra Thirst Quenching Gel for a unique moisture experience.

Suggestions for the Nervous Skin - 3.

What about dry skin?

  • Dry skin is a little more than you can imagine the need for moisture, the maximum amount of moisture-rich creams should be supported with serum. Shea Light Comforting Face Cream provides more reinforcement without aggravating your skin.

Recommendations for Humid Dehydration - 4.


  • How much we want to tell you the importance of protecting your skin from the sun! We can say that harmful UV rays are the most important cause of skin cancer as well as one of the biggest actors in skin aging. Pay attention to your skin and even if the weather is cloudy, do not leave the SPF cream out of the house!

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