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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tips for meeting men who understand your beauty.

Tips for meeting men who understand your beauty.

Hello. I am, a Mariage counselor. Why is there a difference between those who are in the same world, who are blessed and living happily, and those who are not?

The reason is that even though you are in the same world, the perspective from which you look at things is completely different. How does this use brain functions? It is also a technical thing.

This time, how should I find such people who "love themselves automatically"? I would like to tell you the easiest way in the world.

With a brain, are you looking for only bad people?
Our reality resonates with the information, emotions, and feelings in our subconscious mind.

And this is also the effect of the brain's ability to automatically find what you are familiar with.

In other words, if you have hatred on men, your brain will bring men who are hateful in front of you.

Annoying men and women

And, according to your feelings of hate, the hate is firmly transmitted to the other person, and the other person takes an attitude that he/she hates and hates it ... and the hate will be strengthened further.

This is a nasty man came! It doesn't mean that I am addicted to men from the beginning, or because I hate it, it means that only men who are fit for their emotions and feelings can come.

How can I change the pattern for finding misery automatically?
So what if you thought "I want to change this reality!"

It's easy. I wish I could change. He hated men ... heal his hate and heal his emotions.

Only bad men were not in life ... but I will tell my brain that they are not all men.

Troubled woman

Then, as if everything in this world had changed, everything in touch would change. Your brain and subconscious will make everything you draw different from before.

Beautiful flowers have already bloomed in this world. But the brain and the subconscious attract the "garbage" and the "people who mess up", thinking that "no flower, such a world is not beautiful, and the world where everyone gets ruined just because of trash."

But what makes you happy in this world, not another different world.

There are unhappy people, some bad people, but some of them can be loved and have beautiful scenery...

I just admit that.

Choose this world right away
Living in a world where you have never seen this kind of "male kindness" until now has been such a painful experience ... chest pain. But that's not all. All right.

"Because you are not all such men," it is "don't have to repeat the past."

And from now on, I would like to continue to live in a warm, loving and important world that I think is "good, I want to be loved".

It is natural for men to be kind, to be warm, natural to look at warm people and to be able to understand your beauty in every day you spend all that time Men also come by all means. Be sure.

Even if you want to change the surroundings, the surroundings will not change. Even if you want to escape from this world, you can not, unfortunately, escape from that world.

But if you change yourself ... everything you pay for will change. This is a great part of the subconscious.

No one else can change the world, but we can change ourselves.

It includes the grand meaning of "changing the world in which you live".

If you are suffering in the present world, let's re-select the appropriate world right now.

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