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Wednesday, May 29, 2019



How can you pamper your hair, skin, and eyes after summer? Summer also has harmful effects on your body. Because of seawater, sand, sun and air conditioning, you're worn out without even being aware of it. Your skin, especially your face, thickens and dries from exposure to the sun, and your hair becomes brittle and weak: your whole body adjusts itself to the new summer air and heat to return in the cold autumn. Also, returning to work in September leads to stress and fatigue. How can we indulge ourselves after pleasant summer days?

Renew your skin's natural barrier
Natural barrier - Divine cream.

Your face has natural protection:

The hydrolipidic barrier. This helps to keep your face moist and healthy, but if you are exposed to the sun for a long time, this barrier will be damaged. To refresh the skin's natural barrier, simply follow these simple steps twice a week:

  • 1. Remove your makeup with a gentle make-up oil to prevent dryness and nourish your skin.
  • 2. Gently massage the exfoliation cream to remove dead skin from your skin, and then purify it.
  • 3. Apply a thin oil-based serum after a shower.
  • 4. Use a rich moisturizing or moisture mask to suit your needs.

Focus on your gaze.
Skin Sun Protection - Divine eye balm.


  • Do you know that 80% of aging is due to sun exposure? The skin of women has a thinner structure, especially around the eyes. For this reason, pay more attention to this area and as a result, have a striking and sensual look.

  • Select rich ingredients with oil content to feed and pamper your precious skin. We recommend Divine Eyes especially for wrinkles, dark circles, and bagging. To rest your eyes and have a young and radiant look, you can make a relaxing eye message after applying dry skin or eye cream.

Nutrition Tips a bowl of Fruits.

  • Yeah, we're what we eat. The better we look, the better. Eat nutritious foods to combat free radicals and reveal your inner beauty. Foods rich in beta-carotene, such as carrots or sweet potatoes, help regulate your pH that prevents your skin from being oily or dry, while antioxidant-rich foods, such as green tea or citrus, help your skin produce more collagen, and you'll have tighter smoother skin. As always, this is not something you will immediately; you have to make these changes to see a real change.

Repair weak and broken hair.
Repair Hair Treatment - Aromachology repairing mask.


  • Sea salt, chlorine, air conditioning, and sand, all of which contribute to the drying of your hair. Once damaged, your hair dries and loses its elasticity and breaks as a result. Repair your scalp with hair oil before shampooing to moisturize the extra. Use the conditioner and hair mask to fix your hair and prepare it for winter.

Lighten your hair oil.


  • If the hair is not treated properly, dry hair is also lubricated due to the excess sebum of your scalp. You can prevent excessive drying of your hair by using oil-rich products before using shampoo. Choose oils with Shea butter (a natural emollient that allows moisture to be easily absorbed by the hair) or natural moisturizing effect like almond oil (rich in vitamin E rich in hair to the root).

Maintain brozz
Shea butter.


  • Generally, attractive and coveted bronzed skin is actually the reaction of your body to the sun's rays. Melanocytes - skin cells that produce tanning melanin - bronze by the sun. However, bronze skin is also a damaged skin: thicker, dry and less elastic. It is therefore important to moisturize him to restore his health and maintain his tan. Shea and Almond's oil are your best friends to feed your skin and rejuvenate and relax after summer.

Beauty routine for flexible skin.

Almond table - Almond delicious paste.

  • To keep your skin moist and supple, even if it is tanned, you need to get rid of dead skin before moistening. To feel more comfortable, choose a rich, oily peel. And apply twice a week as follows: When in the bath, apply body peeling circled from top to bottom, all over your body. Then rinse and clean the skin by applying Almond Shower Oil. Apply nutrient oil after drying your skin. Then use Pure Shea Butter Organic Certified to get 100% natural ingredients.

Try aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy - Aromachology range.


  • Our sense of smell is our only sense that is directly connected to both parts of our brain, which deals with our memory and emotions. Therefore, odors have very strong therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is a form of treatment where essential oils are used to calm your mind and give peace. Usually, it is used with an essential oil diffuser. Install in your office or home and select and apply the oil you want to smell according to your mood and needs. Effectively and quickly you will feel calm.


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